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Your wedding will be one of the most celebrated days of your life. Of all the events you'll ever experience few are as special as this day. So where do you start? Right here at our website. Just kidding, we know you could have chosen other sites. But seriously though, planning a wedding can be hectic that's why we've built this website for you. Whether it's the wording of your wedding invitations or the kind of favors to give your guests, this site will help you to make better decisions through the hundreds of articles, tips and advice it contains.

The content we've provided covers various aspects of preparing for your big day such as choosing quality wedding invitations, acquiring a wedding dress or gown, deciding on wedding favors that will match your budget, finding decoration ideas to suit your style and personality, choosing a hairstyle that will make you look like a princess and tailoring a wedding program to fit your needs. And, if you are still in the phase where you're only thinking about getting married we'll help you to find beautiful diamond, platinum or other types of engagement rings that will be sure to put a sparkle in her eyes. Each article covers an element that contributes to the uniqueness of your special day.

Below, we've listed a table of contents with a brief description of some of the topics we cover. Choose a topic or a navigational link on the left of this page that you'd like to know more about. We are here to help make your day as hassle free as possible. Good luck and have a blessed wedding.

Wedding pictures are memories in print

Wedding pictures are one of the enduring ways nearly every bride and groom

Wedding pictures are one of the enduring ways nearly every bride and groom around the world relive their special day, those special moments, and everything associated with their wedding. Why? Because they are the absolute best mementos of the celebration of a lifetime. Favors are great, wedding party gifts are wonderful, but with all of the artistic and gorgeous styles of wedding photography developed recently, wedding pictures are the ideal way to look back on that day and smile.

Wedding pictures allow you to relive those moments intimately, from the grin on the bride’s face when the DJ said something silly to the sweet way the flower girl danced with her uncle. Rather than just thinking about the wedding, wedding photography allows you to actually step back into that minute, to smell the scents, to see the vibrant colors, and hear the noises you heard on that day. Wedding pictures are a lifetime in a frame, a world unto themselves that lives on hung on walls and on the tables.

Wedding pictures are also a means of expressing the couple’s personalities. While a younger couple may love wedding pictures that have more of a photojournalistic quality, an older couple holding their second wedding each may tend toward the more formal, traditional style of wedding photography. This allows each couple to see themselves, see their essences through their wedding pictures, which is the goal of any memory.

Wedding Video Tips

Your wedding video in addition to your wedding photographs are your only means of recording those special moments of the big day. After everything is over and all memories of the event have begun to fade away your wedding video will keep every moment fresh in your mind even years later. Therefore, you may want to allocate a reasonable chunk of your wedding budget to securing the right professional for the job. 

Given the importance of your wedding video only an experienced and capable wedding videographer should be assigned this job. So how do you go about finding such a person or company that will give you what you need without taking a deep bite out of your wallet?

Wedding Video Pointers

  • The process can be complex but here are a few pointers to help you get the best wedding photos and videos.

  • Consider hiring a professional who is a member of a video association such as WEVA. It is likely that their members receive training and information on the latest equipment in use. 

  • Does the videographer have access to equipment that's reasonably up to date? You don't want a cheap camcorder recording your wedding. The quality of any video is also dependent on the quality of the camera not just the person recording. 

  • Consider booking your event a year or more in advance if possible. By booking your videographer well in advance you may be able to lock them in at a cheaper rate. Be sure when you sign your contract that the price you originally negotiated has not been changed. 

  • Find out whether they use microphones to capture sound coming from a distance. For example, during the exchange of vows. 

  • Ask if you can attend a live wedding event where they'll be taping. This will give you an indication of the personailty and other traits of the person you'll be dealing with. Is he dressed appropriately? How does he work with his assistant(s)? Ask if you could see the final version of this taped event. If the quality matches or exceeds your vision you know you have someone you can work with. 

  • How many cameras will they be using and how many angles will they record from? For example, a single camera in the back of the church will record footage you would want included. A second camera in the front of the church in one of the corners would record the guests' reaction to each moment as they unfold. Therefore, footage from multiple cameras could make a difference depending on the things you would like captured on your special day. 

  • Ask how your wedding video will be edited. You have a choice between accepting an output with minimal editing or a movie-like production with footage added from several cameras. If the cost is not prohibitive you might want to go with the movie-like production since you'll get the best output possible from the recording. 

  • Ask about their price and be sure you know what you are paying for before signing anything. Ensure that you get a videograher with years of experience. Be sure to inquire about the experience of the individual who may substitute for him if he cannot make the wedding. 

  • Be careful with companies offering these all-in-one photograhy and videography packages. The package might seem attractive in terms of price but the quality might be lacking. A person might be great at photography but has little or no experience in videography. Worst yet, they might hire a third rate videographer who will only produce third rate work. 

With these pointers you should be able to get a wedding video you'll love watching. It will take a little time to do your research but it will be time well spent. Your goal should be to get a wedding video of the highest quality and at an affordable price. Once you know beforehand what you want your wedding video to be you'll do a great job in selecting the professional that's right for you.

Wedding Photographs... Capture the Moments

Your wedding photographs are some of your greatest moments captured on film. Long after the wedding and honeymoon are gone your wedding photographs will be all you've got of your big day. So take some time and think about how you want those moments documented and who you can trust to do the job. 

Wedding photographs - who will be taking yours?

If you will have a professional wedding photographer document your wedding he or she should have several packages from which to choose from. Choose a package that will best suit your needs, not necessarily the cheapest one. This is one area you don't want to skimp on, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. 

Ask to see albums of past weddings he's documented. Go through them to see if you like what you are seeing. Look for picture quality. Was adequate lighting used? Does a portrait of the couple emerge? Do you feel like you were at their wedding? If you answered these questions positively, you know the photographer did an excellent job.


Wedding photographs - what to do with them?

Once you have all your wedding photographs - the pictures from your guests' disposable camera and your professional photographer you have several ways to enjoy them. You could create a mini album to give to friends and family, create a slide show on your computer using programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint and frame a few excellent ones. 

An album is the most common way to organize your wedding photographs. Your photographer should have various types available for you to choose from. It would also be convenient if the studio also has parents' album available. It is generally smaller and cheaper than the bride and groom's album. 

Another way to organize your wedding photographs is to go high tech and create a slide show that can be displayed on a computer. This is the cheapest way to share your wedding photos with the most people. In fact, you could create several versions each catering to a difference audience. 

For those special people in your life who you cannot afford to give an album and who do not have a computer you may give them a nicely framed picture. If you buy the frames at a discount stationary you shouldn't have to spend a fortune. 

These pointers should help you to make the most of your wedding photographs. Remember your wedding photographs in addition to your wedding video will be your only way to relive those wonderful moments. So whatever you do choose a professional who has experience documenting weddings

Wedding Photographer Selection Tips

A professional wedding photographer is priceless. Long after the wedding is over and the honeymoon is gone, the most durable reminder of the event is your wedding photographs. This makes the process of finding a professional to preserve your memories a very important one. 

Given the importance of a wedding photographer you want to check the quality of his work as well as compare the quality and price with other professionals. You should never settle for a photographer because his price is lowest. If quality is important then that should be your first consideration. 

Becoming aware of your wedding photographer's preferences

You should get to know your photographer so you'll be well acquainted with their work and decrease the possibility of any surprises on your wedding day. You want someone that will listen to your concerns and desires. Your wedding is an important day and your photographer should be dependable. A good way to check out the photographer you would like to hire is to contact past clients. You may want to ask these references questions about the photograher's professional conduct, promptness and whether they would have any reservations about using him or her again. If they had a bad experience they are likely to tell you. 

You should advise your wedding photographer about any special rules for taking pictures in the ceremony location. Rules may vary depending on the location especially in places of worship. 

Some wedding photographers prefer to take most of their pictures before the ceremony. If you have other preferences inform your photographer. Many couples choose to have their pictures taken after the ceremony. This option preserves the tradition that forbids the groom from seeing the bride before the ceremony. However, taking pictures after the ceremony can have the disadvantage of rushing your photographer if they have a second engagement. A session after the ceremony will also keep your guest waiting at the reception site. If you have a large family it will take some time to take all the picture, so be sure to have something ready for your guest to eat before the reception begins. 

Your wedding photographer and your budget

If you are on a limited budget you could have your wedding photographer come to the ceremony but not to the reception. This will save you some money. You could arrange to have a friend whose is good at taking pictures cover your reception. 

Also you can put a disposable wedding camera on your guests' table even if you plan to have a professional photographer at the reception. Most professional photographers do not take shots of your guest's table because most couples are not willing to pay for the extra prints. Additionally, your guest will take great candid pictures of themselves and their friends enjoying the moments. Remember, you'll be busy so you won't see how much they are enjoying themselves. 

Your wedding photographer is one of the most important contractors in your wedding. It's important to know as much as you can about him and his work before signing a contract. A wedding photographer may cover weddings frequently so you want to book one atleast several months in advance of your wedding. 

Use the above advice to choose a wedding photographer that's best for you. Happy wedding. 

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Wedding photo albums are beautifully bound memories 

Wedding photo albums can sometimes be a source of stress for some brides, as many believe that, if their wedding photo albums arenít perfect, their wedding itself somehow is not complete. This, of course, is not true, but wedding photo albums do carry a certain amount of meaning as they are often the main source of memories of that special day. Nothing really has the same impact as wedding photo albums Ė videos are great, but how often can you just pop in the video and watch like you can flip through wedding photo albums? Likewise, things like favors and your dress are fun to take out and look at, but you donít get to re-experience all of those great little moments like you do with wedding photo albums.



Wedding photo albums have become an industry unto themselves. From the traditional wedding photo albums you receive right from your photographer that are as simple as page upon page of your wedding photos to companies online that allow you to upload or mail in your wedding pictures and have coffee table book versions of wedding photo albums printed, you have more choices than ever as to how your wedding photo albums can be formatted. This is where the stress comes in, as some couples see their friends with wedding photo albums that are amazingly creative and uniquely formatted with all of their wedding pictures in great layouts sitting on their coffee tables and want wedding photo albums that are the same or better than their friends.

Wedding photo albums, above all, should be personal. If you really want your wedding photos in massive and expensive wedding photo albums so you can show all of your guests, then go ahead and get them! But if what you really want are wedding photo albums that are just for you and your family to reminisce with once in a while, then donít spend hundreds of dollars on something different. Just get a beautiful and simple album, then arrange your wedding pictures yourself. Be honest with yourself about what you want from wedding photo albums.

Wedding bands or rings

Shopping for ladies and mens wedding bands or rings? If you're looking for a wedding ring you'll be proud to wear for the life of your marriage, online is one of the best places to find a variety of ladies mens wedding bands. The styles range from hard to find celtic and titanium wedding rings and bands to more traditional metals like gold.

Whether the mens wedding bands you're looking for are traditional or modern there'll be many for you to choose from online. Find celtic wedding rings or bands, titanium wedding rings or bands and many other mens designs.

Mens wedding bands come in gold, silver platinum or titanium. The collection of online jewelry will help you make your commitment in style. If you are worried about the quality you'll receive if you make such a large purchase online remember many of these companies are long-standing and well known. Therefore their ladies and mens wedding bands are backed by their good reputations and personal guarantees.

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